The Victim Advocate is a designated, trained volunteer who provides comprehensive, coordinated victim support and advocacy services to the child and/or non-offending family members, including, but not limited to:

  • Information regarding dynamics of abuse and the CAC's coordinated multidisciplinary response
  • Updates on case status from initial referral to termination of case
  • Assistance in accessing/obtaining victims' rights as outlined by VOCA (Victims of Crime Act)
  • Court education, support and accompaniment
  • Assistance with access to other services such as protective orders, housing, public assistance, domestic violence intervention and transportation


In response to community need, our CAC is forming a Victim Advocate Program. We are currently seeking volunteers who wish to serve as Victim Advocates.

Advocacy is a fairly new field and one which takes a very special person with dedication, caring and patience. Volunteers who wish to be Victim Advocates will be asked to participate in extensive training in order to prepare them for this task. If you are interested in becoming a Victim Advocate or would like more information about our Victim Advocate Program, please contact the Center.